Anunciamos una nueva alianza, esta vez con Meraki Mindful Travel and Learning, para el desarrollo de viajes fotográficos educacionales en los Estados Unidos.

Damos inicio al trabajo conjunto con dos PhotoWalks:

Downtown Orlando

The downtown of a city, if we know how to observe, will tell us the story that has been hidden over the years. The cities are formed from a small nucleus and expand in the directions that their inhabitants are finding favorable for work and community life.

Orlando is no exception to this and despite the fact that we associate it with the theme parks that are located nearby, Orlando is a city with a great cultural and historical richness. This workshop is a perfect opportunity to study architecture and street photography, capturing the essence of a city to the extent that we walk it.

At various times of the day, we will have short sessions to review concepts and techniques, so that at the end of the day we have the best possible images of our journey. 

Split Oak Forest

The landscape is one of the most important categories of photography, the landscape is rooted in the founding spirit of the United States and its observation connects us with nature. Photography of landscape and nature is, therefore, a pleasure and a challenge; we must learn to connect with the environment, master the technique and then the images will begin to appear.

In this workshop, we will visit Split Oak Forest park and we will stop at specific points where we will study the fundamentals and secrets of landscape and nature photography, applicable to each situation, subject, time of day and climatic condition. At the end of the day, we will have a review session of the images.

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